Breaking Out

Hundreds of thousands of people start on their entrepreneurial journey with nothing more than a dream. What is their motivation? What is their fire? Are they willing to risk everything – their house, their credit, their personal possessions – in the pursuit of a dream of success? Many experts agree that it is usually a series of frustrations that lead to entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs can’t stand taking orders from someone else, making them rich with their work-hours. It is also a fact that opportunities can come from an inadequacy in the market. Perhaps the entrepreneur saw a business in his or her area not providing adequate service, or that customers start calling them, or perhaps the entrepreneur doesn’t feel that his or her potential is being used to its best. Whatever the reason, entrepreneurs set out on a path that could broaden their horizon and enhance their potential. Risk is part of it, but it’s a wonderful if uncertain walk. That is the first step.

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