People go about interpreting and reinterpreting the events happening around them. It’s the same with customers having an experience with your products and services. Mindset is something you have to keep in mind when tailoring your message.


In Re-Create Your Life, Morty Lefkoe shows a process that can be used to reinterpret past events in a simple and useful way:

  1. Identify the undesirable pattern.
  2. Name the underlying belief.
  3. Identify the source of the belief in memory, including as much sensory detail as possible.
  4. Describe possible alternate interpretations of the memory.
  5. Realize that your original belief is an interpretation, not reality.
  6. Consciously choose to reject the original belief as “false.”
  7. Consciously choose to accept your reinterpretation as “true.”

Reinterpret your past, and you’ll enhance your ability to make great things happen in the future.

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