Monthly Archives: May 2013

How to Change your WordPress Password in CPanel

Have you ever been hacked or forgotten your WordPress admin username and/or password? Trying to wrack your brain how to get them back?


Well, there’s  a way you can change your password through CPanel.


1) First, you login through CPanel, the URL format is usually

2) Click on phpMyAdmin.

3) Click on ‘wp_users’ on the left.

4) Click ‘Edit’ on the table area.

5) Go to ‘user_pass’

6) Change the long form null value on the password table.

7) Click the drop-down menu under Function and look for md5, click it.

8) Click ‘Go’ to save your new password.


That’s how you can get your WordPress blog back. Hope you learned something!

How to get the RSS feed of your Facebook Page

Here’s how to find the RSS feed of your Facebook page.

1) First, get the URL of your Facebook page.

2) Insert the URL in

3) Get the numeric ID and replace ‘numericID’ here in this format:

4) Go to and burn a feed there, get your RSS feed.