Monthly Archives: April 2013

How to view source code in Safari

So I’ve been using Mac for months now, with Safari as the default browser. Having to code for web development and looking for the source code of pages, I still hadn’t figured out how to find the source code of a page in this particular browser.


A further search revealed the solution. So here’s how.



- Click on Safari menu > Preferences > Advanced.



- Check “Show Develop menu in menu bar”. Close Safari’s preferences.



- Develop menu > Show Page Source

How to find the higher priced items on Amazon

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Ok, so I learned how to find the higher priced items on Amazon, much needed if you’re going to add them as extra offers on your blog or business website.


First step is of course to go to, or its domain equivalent in ¬†your country (given that it’s a global economy now), check out the menu on the left side titled ‘Shop by Department,’ click on ‘Full Store Directory’ at the bottom, click on your product category selection, click on until you find on the right side a drop-down widget, then click on ‘Price: High to Low.’


There you have it. If you have an Amazon associate account, you can start selling these higher-priced items and get higher commissions instead of measly cents.